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MacBook Pro Unibody model A1278 Logic Board replacement

Posted By Volodymyr Chubei | 30 Mar 2023

Table of Contents

If the logic board in a MacBook Pro is damaged, it is often necessary to replace it with a new one. You can do it yourself with minimal skills and even without them. In this article, we will tell you how to replace the logic board MacBook A1278 and which tools you will need to do this.

Genuine Logic Board 2.9GHz i7 (661-6589) A1278 MID 2012

How to replace the MacBook Pro A1278 logic board

To replace the logic board on a MacBook Pro A1278, you need to prepare a new part and the following tools:

  • spudger (shovel for opening and disassembling cases);

  • #00 precision screwdriver;

  • thermal paste;

  • two-component cleaner;

  • T6 screwdriver;

  • Y0 screwdriver.

Next, we offer step-by-step instructions for replacing the MacBook Pro A1278 logic board, which includes all ports on the left side of the MacBook Pro. It is important to strictly follow the sequence of actions and recommendations, and also act very carefully so as not to damage the sockets and connectors.

1. Removing the back cover and battery

Close your MacBook Pro, lay it with the back up on a flat surface and follow these steps:

  • unscrew the eight screws of the back cover, write down or keep track of each screw so as not to mix them during reassembly;

  • carefully remove the back cover from the case with both hands;

  • unscrew the two screws secure the battery using Y0 screwdriver and release the connector;

  • lift the battery and pull it out by pulling the plastic tab.

2. Detaching the fan

To remove the fan from the motherboard:

  • using a spudger, release the connector, be sure to pull it straight and up;

  • unscrew the three screws that secure the fan to the case;

  • remove the fan from the socket.

3. Disconnecting device cables from the motherboard

At this stage, it is necessary to disconnect the connectors of the devices attached to the motherboard:

  • use a spudger to disconnect the cable connector of the battery level indicator;

  • use a spudger to lift the valve of the keyboard cable and remove it from the socket;

  • disconnect the trackpad connector with the flat end of a spudger;

  • release the IR sensor cable from the socket by lifting the retaining lever;

  • remove the hard drive cable from the connector;

  • do the same with the optical drive connector;

  • disconnect the display cable from the motherboard socket;

  • use the flat end of a spudger to remove the subwoofer and the iSight cables from the socket;

  • unscrew the two screws that secure the LCD bracket and remove it;

  • in the same part of the device, CAREFULY detach the microphone from the top case using the plunger.

4. Removing the motherboard

First, remove the nine screws that secure the logic board and the Mag Safe board to the MacBook Pro A1278 chassis. Carefully lift the board by the left edge and remove it from the case.

5. Disconnect remaining devices

To disconnect the remaining elements, proceed in the following order:

  • remove the three screws that secure the heatsink to the motherboard;

  • make sure you do not lose the springs that are under it;

  • disconnect and remove the DC-In (DC power connector) from the logic board;

  • disconnect the left connector of the speaker and the microphone (they are right next to each other);

  • using the flat end of the spudger, pry the left speaker free of the adhesive keeping it on the motherboard.

6. Removing RAM chips

Remove the virtual memory chip by pushing the tabs on the right and on the left at the same time so that the chip slides forward. If there are two chips, do the same for the second one.

7. Replacing the motherboard

Install the motherboard and repeat all the above steps in the reverse order. After replacing, do not forget to apply a layer of thermal paste to prevent the device from overheating.

To replace the motherboard and other components, it is strongly recommended to use only original parts. You can purchase certified components for Apple-branded equipment at Appleparts.io.

We have a wide range of spare parts that are tested by technicians before they go on sale. When you purchase on the Appleparts.io website, you get a guarantee of the components performance and compliance with the declared characteristics.

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Genuine Logic Board 2.5GHz i5 (661-6588) A1278 MID 2012


1. What is the price of MacBook Pro A1278 logic board

The cost of the new A1278 motherboard varies between $99.99 – $134.99, depending on the specifications. You can purchase original motherboards for your MacBook Pro at Appleparts.io.

2. What causes the logic board to fail in a MacBook Pro

The main reasons for a motherboard failure are accumulations of dust and dirt, liquid ingress, overheating, and strong voltage surges. Also this element of the MacBook Pro wears out over time just like any other part.


Volodymyr Chubei
Computer Repair Specialist at AppleParts.io

Volodymyr was born in Ukraine and has found his passion for electronics from his childhood. At the age of 13, he was capable of soldering some basic elements of a logic board and today he is one of the co-founders of AppleParts.io

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